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If your definition of success includes great relationships, meaningful work, and the energy to fully enjoy both, you’ve come to the right place! For more than 30 years, we have enjoyed:

  • a successful marriage and loving family relationships;
  • meaningful work with ongoing financial rewards; and
  • great health and vitality to enjoy it all,

All of our life strategies begin with a simple set of Agreements we call Revolutionary Agreements.

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Revolutionary Agreements Certification for Coaches & Facilitators

Are you a coach, consultant, or facilitator?

A model for exceptional relationships at home and work — or would you like to be?

Do you love watching people transform
– and enjoy contributing to their transformation?

If yes, discover how becoming a Certified Revolutionary Agreements Coach can enhance your business
– and your life.

To learn more, visit: www.AgreementsInstitute.com

The gift of twelve wonderful tools called the Revolutionary Agreements has helped me to reassert my life plan, mission and goals for my physical well-being, work and life.
–Max Lafser, Vice-President of the Center for International Dialogue and counselor/coach for communities (businesses, families and churches) in transition worldwide.

Using the principles of these Agreements, Marian’s leadership during stressful times in our company’s history transformed interpersonal and organizational struggles of “I’m right-you’re wrong” into genuine, joyful collaboration, ultimately creating “we” out of “us and them.” Imagine how this could change our world! I highly recommend Revolutionary Agreements to anyone wanting to improve the productivity of their work and the quality of their lives.
–Bill Merlo, corporate executive consultant

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