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About Glenn

Says Glenn, “I’ve accomplished quite a few things and the best was to find Marian and marry her! We’ve been innovating and working together on interesting projects with interesting people since we met in 1980. The unique value we add to any project is the synergy that occurs between us. Both Marian and I are strong individuals with substantial backgrounds, however it is the relationship with each other and our partners that is most powerful. At the root of our successful partnerships are the Revolutionary Agreements, which were developed in 1985 by the Geneva Group which we co-founded – and which we have lived by ever since.”

So here you go –

Glenn Head is an entrepreneur, master networker, author, and university dean. As an entrepreneur, he has had the opportunity to work with stellar partners on stimulating projects that have made – and make – a difference in people’s lives. Here’s a snapshot:

iFeed5 is Glenn’s strategy for social entrepreneurs to earn income while nourishing the world’s most vulnerable children. It supports a worldwide movement called M5M (Mission 5 Million) that address the epidemic of childhood malnutrition.

Plan C: A Proven Path to Financial Freedom takes the mystique and misconceptions out of the network marketing profession. As Dean of Networking University worldwide, Glenn has a pulse on the industry and delivers the facts in a unique way.

Tartoosh Environmental, LLC – As advisor and CNO (Chief Networking Officer), Glenn facilitated the creation and development of the organizational vision, and identified and connected key executives and strategic partners.

Head2Wellness – As co-CEO (with Marian) of this multimillion dollar wellness business, the Heads serve (directly and indirectly) tens of thousands of people with personalized wellness plans and nutritional supplementation that has improved people’s quality of life for nearly 20 years. Visit our Revolutionary Wellness page

Networking University – As co-founder and dean since 2003, Glenn created the vision, credentialing systems and code of ethics for this international program with over 100 faculty, more than 200 courses, and almost 200,000 student course enrollments.

Gabriel Media Group – Since 2001, Glenn has served on the board of directors of this organization which produces the premier journal for the network marketing profession worldwide.

Delaney Snowboarding – Glenn co-founded the premier snowboarding training and consulting company. Delaney led the charge to bring snowboarding to adults with elite multiday camps in the U.S. and Japan, and consulted with top snowboard equipment and clothing manufacturers. In 1996, Delaney was featured in media viewed by over one billion people.

New World Design Center  – As co-founder and president, Glenn provided consulting for ten years in organizational development, corporate vision and values development for organizations including AT&T, The Office of Personal Management (OPM), Valley Lab (a Pfizer subsidiary), and Cass County, Indiana.

International Alliance of Social Architecture – Glenn conceived and initiated this nonprofit to bring together bright minds to collaborate and co-create joint ventures to serve humanity. Many partnerships (including one marriage!) formed from the open-space conferences in which leaders on the cutting edge of their fields gathered.

Venture Centre LLC – Glenn co-founded this outdoor experiential program, taking thousands of participants through its ropes course near Rocky Mountain National Park to facilitate team building.

Department of Leadership and Organizational Transformation, Boulder Graduate School – As co-founder (with Marian) and dean, Glenn assembled a stellar team of business executives to provide training and education in this emerging business field. 1984-1986

Instructional Communications, Inc. – Glenn started his first company in 1979, designing computer-based instructional systems for large U.S. corporations including Dayton Hudson (Target Stores), AT & T, Federal Express and others.

Association for the Development of Computer-Based Instructional Systems – As conference program chair, Glenn directed 4 international conferences, each with between 300 and 500 presenters. As president in 1988, he initiated the first joint conference with the Soviet Academy of Sciences in Moscow on the topic of Children, Education & Computers. In 1989 and 1990, Glenn co-chaired the task force on Education with his Soviet counterpart Alexi Semenov at historic Soviet American Citizens Summits in Washington DC and Moscow.

U.S. Air Force – Captain Glenn Head served as a research psychologist for the U.S. Air Force Human Resources Laboratory, Technical Training Division. He was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal in 1979 for saving more than $6 million annually by using computer-based training innovations. In 1975, Glenn’s management engineering team located at Seymour Johnson AFB was selected as the number one team in the Air Force (from over 300).

MA in Educational Psychology, 1973; BA in Business Management, 1971; both from Texas A&M University (yes, he’s an Aggie!)


Our revolutionary strategies transform stress and struggle into freedom and joy in these significant areas:

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