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Our Approach

Making a Living Making a Difference

Since meeting in 1980, we have been partnering with people and projects that have enabled us to make a living while making a difference in the lives of others. We didn’t always call it that. Sometimes we were business consultants, conference designers, authors, edutainment producers and providers, graduate school department chairs, social architects, publishers, meeting facilitators, board members, parents, fundraisers, real estate investors, angel investors, or just friends.

Regardless of venue, our mission is the same: to support people and organizations in expressing their full potential. Our values are the tenants of the Revolutionary Agreements we’ve lived by since 1985. Our guiding question is “How can we have this work for everyone?”

Our collaborative, results-oriented, vision-based approach (as distinguished from a more mechanistic problem-solving approach) is based largely on the brilliant insights and proven strategies of our mentors.  Among those who have most influenced our work are Robert Fritz (The Path of Least Resistance), Peter Senge (MIT Sloan School of Management, The Fifth Discipline), R. Buckminster Fuller (Critical Path), and Dianne Collins (Do You Quantum Think? New Thinking That will Rock Your World).

We enjoy engaging with partners and projects that are making a positive impact in the world. Our motto: Do well by doing good.





Our specialties in organizational development, training and team building have given us the opportunity to serve Fortune 500 companies such as AT&T, Federal Express, and Marriott, along with some of our favorite mom and pop businesses.

Today, organizational consultants use the tools we’ve created for strengthening teams and improving performance. Click here to learn more.

For sample Team Agreements, click on sample customized agreements.



Glenn directed four international conferences, each with 300 to 500 presenters, while serving as Conference Chair for the Association for the Development of Computer-Based Instructional Systems. In 1988 he initiated a groundbreaking joint conference with the Soviet Academy of Sciences in Moscow entitled “Children, Education & Computers.”

Our ConferencePlus team was invited to co-design and facilitate programs requiring significant engagement and collaboration among the participants.  Among the hundreds of meetings and conferences in which we were involved, these three stand out:

The first two Global Forums of Spiritual and Parliamentary Leaders in Oxford and Moscow, bringing together such luminaries as His Holiness the Dalai Lama, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Mother Teresa, U.S. Vice President Al Gore and then Soviet President Mikael Gorbachev. Together, parliamentarians from over 80 countries and spiritual leaders from the five major religions tackled issues of human survival.

Soviet-American Citizens’ Summits in Washington DC and Moscow near the end of the cold war. The goal, shared by all participants, was to strengthen the embryonic trend towards peace between the world’s two superpowers.

Hundreds of joint international programs, events, business ventures and exchanges involving thousands of Soviet and American professionals were initiated at these conferences, building bridges to new relationships between these former cold war enemies.

Global Cetacean Coalition for the Humane Society of the United States, a collaboration of major environmental groups with a singular purpose to save the International Whaling Commission Moratorium and protect small cetaceans such as dolphins from their indiscriminate destruction due to certain commercial fishing methods.



Revolutionary Agreements: A Personal Path to Peace on Earth (2015 – 2nd Edition) and Revolutionary Agreements: Twelve Ways to Transform Stress and Struggle Into Freedom and Joy(2005) reveal principles tens of thousands have used to create greater inner peace and fulfillment at home and at work. Marian received the “America’s Next Top Author” award from ConsciousOne. They selected and presented the top ten books of the year to their 750,000 members; the winner was based on book sales.

Gratitude Journal for a Healthy Marriage is both a love story and practical guide for men and women to create or maintain healthy relationships. Marian shares her journey from the brink of separation to the rejuvenation of her marriage through the simple act of writing a daily gratitude to her husband. The powerful core of the book is handwritten pages from her journal during the year she chose to focus on what she liked about her husband, rather than what she didn’t like.

Suprasexual Revolution –Like Mother Nature invented sex to get us to undertake the mighty labor of reproducing ourselves, now She has conceived a force as great as sex to liberate the vast, dormant potential of the human race. Written by Barbara Marx Hubbard and Marian Head.

Plan C: EVERYTHING You Need to Know About Network Marketing takes the mystique and misconceptions out of the network marketing profession. Written by Networking University Dean, Glenn Head.

Training Cost Analysis – An international award-winning book in 1984, this classic was written by Glenn for managers and trainers, corporations and universities.

Rings of Empowerment – Marian & Barbara Marx Hubbard’s team building from the inside out. This book is now fully incorporated into Carolyn Anderson’s Co-Creator’s Handbook, designed to empower individuals and teams at the leading edge of transformation.

VITAL Signs of a Healthy Business, Chapter 7 of The Ultimate Guide to Network Marketing: 37 top network marketing income-earners share their most preciously guarded secrets to building extreme wealth. While written for the network marketing industry, Glenn’s and Marian’s chapter is applicable to every business. It’s free for you to download.

The American Team: 7 Steps to Genuine Team Work in the White House and Beyond – In 1993, Glenn and Marian were asked to contribute their Team Agreements to the White House Transition Team for President-Elect Bill Clinton. A copy of this submission is available for you to download for free.

Ageless Beauty – Alongside of short stories by Tom Robbins, Ram Dass, Kenny Loggins and others, Marian was invited to share her essay for Click! Choosing Love One Frame at a Time, by renowned photographer Carl Studna. Hay House: 2013, p. 159

VisionWorks: Setting Your Sights on Success – Glenn and Marian created this audio/workbook from their personally delivered programs for corporate teams to envision their ideal work situation – and then create it.

Collective Visioning with Your Community, Chapter 17 in Managing Change in Healthcare: Innovative Solutions for People-Based Organizations, captures the process and results of facilitating a highly successful Visioning Conference for 300 community members of Cass County, Indiana who were asked, “What would a healthy community look like?”



Humanity Ascending, a groundbreaking documentary series by Barbara Marx Hubbard, co-produced by Marian and Glenn. The first two DVDs are Our Story: The Untold History of Humanity As Seen Through Evolutionary Eyes and VISIONS of a Universal Humanity.

Power Woman Magic – Marian served as Executive Producer for this play written and directed by Barbara Wilder for the purpose of inspiring women in the second half of life to break out of old stereotypes and embrace their magnificence, remember their original dreams, and step out into the world to fulfill their original purpose.

Harmonic Convergence Radio – Marian co-produced this 2-hour satellite-linked radio show in which people all over the world spoke with one another during the historic meet-ups on the day of Harmonic Convergence, August 1987.

Agreements to Live By and Let’s Play T.A.G.: Truth. Acceptance. Gratitude – Engaging, uplifting and inspiring keynote workshops on the Revolutionary Agreements. Customized to the needs of the host organization and audience.



In addition to Marian creating and teaching the first graduate department course on Business Communications for the Catholic University of America, Marian and Glenn designed and co-chaired the nation’s first graduate Department of Leadership and Organizational Transformation for Boulder College.

Glenn co-founded and served for ten years as Dean of Networking University, serving the global community of network marketing with over 100 faculty, more than 200 courses, and almost 200,000 student course enrollments.



Glenn’s creation, the International Society of Social Architects, held several seminal open space meetings during which participants formed alliances, business partnerships and lifelong friendships (including one marriage!) among people at the leading edge of thinking in their fields.  One such business partnership with Glenn was the Venture Center, which provided a leading edge outdoor challenge, team building (ropes) course for corporations and nonprofit organizations.



Marlin Press (for “Marian Linda”) was the provider of the “Professional Trainers Collection” for corporate trainers and managers throughout the 1980s.  Glenn’s award-winning book, Training Cost Analysis, was one of the premier books in that collection.  More recently, Marlin Press published Marian’s award-winning Revolutionary Agreements, Marian and Barbara Marx Hubbard’s The Suprasexual rEvolution, Glenn’s Plan C and Martie McMane’s Living Grace.



Marian served: on the founding board of the NGO Global Family; as President of the first independent board of Teaching Peace (now Longmont Community Justice Partnership); as Secretary of the Potomac Chapter of the International Society for Performance Improvement; and on many advisory boards, including chairing the international Associate Advisory Council to Mannatech Incorporated.

Glenn served as Conference Chair and then President of the Association for Development of Computer-Based Instructional Systems, President of the Boulder Win/Win Business Forum, board member for the International Society for Performance Improvement-Denver Chapter, and President and Secretary/Treasurer for two homeowners associations.

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