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Agreements Build Strong Teams (12 Ways!)

When Dan shared this story with us he was the Director of Systems and Development at a major cable company, a part time university professor, and competitive cyclist.

Five years with this company and I was seriously wondering how long I would last under the present tumultuous conditions.  My challenge was finding a workable solution that would inspire a small, non-performing core organization within our bigger corporation to re-engage and move forward.

I met with an internal consultant for some coaching.  She gave me a copy of Revolutionary Agreements that I read and re-read over the weekend. By Monday I was energized and ready to recommit myself to take on the role of facilitating positive changes within this core organization. I put up a poster of the Agreements outside my office and allowed people to notice and ask questions in their own space and time.

I worked with one Agreement at a time, watching myself transform as I related to my colleagues in a different way.  I discovered the power of Looking within when I react and Listening with my heart.  It was nothing short of amazing. Management noticed a difference in me and their curiosity peaked about these twelve simple guidelines.

Soon the management team agreed to engage in a full-day teambuilding workshop facilitated by the consultant.  Copies of Revolutionary Agreements were provided as well as copies of other corporate agreements. We divided into two teams with each team writing their agreements on flip charts. At the end of the working session we came together, combined the charts and wordsmithed a draft of what became Our Foundation by which we agreed to live and work.

We have been functioning as a cohesive team with our new agreements for seven months now and to say that this core organization has turned itself around would be an understatement.  I look back and remember upper management laughing at my one-year goal strategy.  Back then, they did not know about the power of using the Agreements.  I can say that I am in love again with my career and assert that the Agreements are the best tools for stress reduction I have ever found.

Dan’s team’s agreements, “Our Foundation,” can be viewed here.

For more team agreements, see sample customized agreements.

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