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NEW! Revolutionary Agreements 2nd Edition

Glenn and I are excited to announce the March 15 release of Revolutionary Agreements second edition — and a 25% discount if you order this week.

Gandhi Peace Award recipient and former Congressman Dennis Kucinich graces the back cover with, “Revolutionary Agreements is a thought-provoking and inspiring set of techniques to facilitate true peace in personal relationships … a great book.”

To receive your special discount, click here by March 20, then “Add to Cart” under the book cover, and enter this discount code: HFTLAW69.

What’s New in the Second Edition? 

Photo of Revolutionary Agreements Front Cover
In the ten years since Revolutionary Agreements was first released, thousands of people have benefited from its teachings – and many of their stories are in this second edition. I, too, have grown this past decade while using the Agreements. I wrote this second edition to bring these new insights to you.

Evolved Thinking The change of subtitle reflects both my own and the book’s evolution. The first edition was Twelve Ways to Transform Stress and Struggle to Freedom and Joy. The second edition is A Personal Path to Peace on Earth. Feel the difference?

Powerful Stories From Readers of how the Agreements changed their lives, such as this one from Linda on the Agreement, I agree to listen with my heart:

What’s Your Perspective?

Yesterday was a very windy day at the Hollywood Beach in Florida. I experienced Mother Nature’s ferocity while being repeatedly whipped by her gusts and blasted by her sand. Until I changed my perspective.

I decided to reframe my circumstances in that moment: instead of feeling the wind thrashing me, I imagined the wind caressing me. Immediately I felt calmer, more peaceful, cared for, and content. Amazing.

When a gust of wind sent sand flying my way, I laughed and imagined being the recipient of a very special massage.

Struck by a BFO (blinding flash of the obvious), I realized that changing my perspective – and thus my experience – was simply a thought away.

I asked myself (and now you), “How and where might changing our perspectives bring more joy into our lives?” I first considered several people in my life. Might it be equally easy to shift my perspective about them and, in turn, create even more enjoyable relationships? Of course! I do it whenever I practice the Revolutionary Agreement “to see the best in myself and others.”

What about troubling circumstances? To shift my perspective about those, I realize all I need to do is apply the Agreement “to look for blessings in disguise.” Could it be that simple? Why not?

How to See Rainbows, Whales, and Other Heart’s Desires


My footsteps from sunrise walkWhile taking my sunrise walk on the beach, it began to rain and then pour. I headed for shelter. Wet but safe from the cloudburst, I contemplated what the blessing in disguise might be for this morning’s interruption to my peaceful walk. The answer appeared immediately: I might be fortunate enough to witness one of Nature’s stunning rainbow arches. I eagerly headed back to the beach as soon as the rain subsided.

As I looked around, I thought about the people who wouldn’t see the rainbow because they weren’t looking for it. That led me to ruminate about visitors who don’t stand still long enough to gaze unhurriedly at the ocean and yet they say, “I haven’t seen a whale yet.”

IMG_3167Whether we wish to see rainbows, whales, prosperity, love, or any other heart’s desire, we must be looking for them. At least that’s what I thought. Until today.

Continuing my walk along the ocean, my mind went on to other ideas, and I forgot about looking for a rainbow. Just then, a nice-looking, fortyish man approached me smiling. “Did you see what’s behind you?” he asked. Oh my! There it was. Nature’s palette in the sky.

Day 5 – The choice to choose


As the brilliant sun rose out of the dark sky this morning, I was awestruck by the beauty of contrast. When the sun climbed higher in the sky and the light became more pervasive, the contrast was less visible.


Seeing the magnificence created by contrast led me to today’s intention:

to see the contrasts in life
with no judgment or attachment.

Just as darkness and light are neither bad nor good, I release these and all labels I’ve placed on people and circumstances in my life.
This is not the first time I have done this. (Let’s hope “practice makes perfect!”) Years ago I had an epiphany that showed me the way to Heaven on Earth simply by embracing the Revolutionary Agreement, “I agree to honor our choices.” It’s a fun, short story I hope you’ll take time to enjoy.
What intentions have you set during these first 12 days of the New Year? Please do share in the comment box below!
With love and gratitude,
Marian's signature

I’m Free!


IMG_0258aAs I’m riding my bike along the ocean on this 3rd of 12 significant days of 2015, The Who’s song plays over and over in my head:

I’m free – I’m free,
And freedom tastes of reality,
I’m free – I’m free,
And I’m waiting for you to follow me.

Checking the truth of this, I ask myself, “Really? Am I free?”
I hear a resounding “Yes!”
“What am I free from?” I ponder.
“From the shoulds, ought to’s and have to’s of my past.”
This is good.”What else?”
“The truth sets me free.” Seems a bit trite. Yet it reminds me that since the inception of the Revolutionary Agreements nearly 30 years ago, I have been practicing the Agreement to speak my truth, with compassion. For me that meant showing up fully authentically instead of saying what I thought would please others. Oh yes, that has set me free!

Today I recommit to that Agreement and take it to a new level. I realize that the truth of my highest self is what I wish to hear and speak. I no longer feel compelled to “fix” others (nothing to fix!), express uninvited opinions, or speak my projected judgments on another.

New Year – Day 2


On each of the first twelve days of the new year,  I am following my friend Barbara Biziou’s sage advice to set a conscious intention.  Won’t you join me? Please share your intentions in the comment space below.

heart chakraToday I choose to “Listen to the Knower.” As I draw a slow, deep breath into my heart, I can feel the shift from my analytical, “know-it-all” mind to my sacred connection with the Knower. From this calm, peaceful place, I can ask any question and in time the truth is revealed, with love.

What is your intention for today? Remember, Barbara says that our intent for the second day of the New Year remains strong especially through the second month of the year.

Might practicing one of the Revolutionary Agreements support your intention? “I agree to listen with my heart” is the one I embrace today.

Revolutionary Agreements Poster - 16x20











May your intentions be realized with ease!

With love and gratitude,

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DAY 3 →

The Power of 12


Friend and author of Joy of Ritual, Barbara Biziou says:

The first 1calendar day 12 days of the year symbolically represent the entire year. Thus, January 1st represents all of January. January 2nd represents all of February and so on. By consciously setting your intention daily on the best outcome and taking action aligned with this higher vision, you are creating the space to watch these things show up during the year. (www.BarbaraBiziou.com)

As I was setting my intention on the first day of the New Year I was struck with a BFO lightening bolt(Blinding Flash of the Obvious):

12 days – 12 months – 12 Agreements!

By calling in one of the 12 Revolutionary Agreements on each of the first 12 days of 2015, we set the path for a year of truth, acceptance and gratitude.

So, on day 1, I choose Agreement #1: I agree to live my mission. Moments later I smiled as I rode my bike past a large sign on the side of a garbage truck:

When you think of garbage, think of us!

Perfect! I thought, “When you think of conscious agreements, think of Marian Head!” What fun! How about you? Fill in the blank: “When you think of _____, think of [your name]!”

Can you change your genes?


When faced with a health challenge, have you ever heard someone say, “It’s genetic,” and mean there’s nothing they can do about it? Just in case you haven’t heard, in some circumstances

we do not have to be victims of our genes.

In the first 12 minutes of this video, Dr. Bruce Lipton (Stanford researcher and epigenetics pioneer) shares his thoughts on how

you can change your genes by changing:

  • the environment in which your cells grow (especially through nutrition); and
  • your beliefs.

I’m lucky. I did both at the same time. 

Nineteen years ago, at the age of 45, I began supplementing with a new class of nutrients called glyconutrients. The research and results solidified my strong belief that glyconutrients would make a significant contribution to a high quality life. I am now a healthy 64.

Just after recovering from breast cancer, my 80-year old mom added glyconutrients to her diet. Today she is a healthy 96.

Marian & her mom

Marian & her mom in 2011

While studies show that Ambrotose® Glyconutrient Complex supports our immune, digestive, memory and cognitive functions regardless of our state of health, it’s best to start when we’re feeling well so we’ll keep feeling well.

Out with Forgiveness —
In with Acceptance!


Wait, wait you say, isn’t forgiveness GOOD? Well, yes, if you are sitting with resentment, anger, or judgment of any kind, then forgiving is good.

But we don’t want to be just GOOD, we want to be rEvolutionary!*

Revolutionary Agreements #5-8 all reflect ACCEPTANCE.

Acceptance billboardI agree to:

Listen with my heart.
Respect our differences.
Resolve conflicts directly.
Honor our choices.

I’ve noticed that when I practice acceptance, I have less need to practice forgiveness. And that’s ok by me. How about you?

With love and gratitude,

“And here is the best part: the more you practice Acceptance, the more you feel the rewards of living a positive life: greater peace of mind, stronger sense of stability, and improved — even dramatically improved — relationships with the people around you.” p. 80, Revolutionary Agreements


* From Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, tenth edition:
Revolutionary: Bringing about a major or fundamental change of paradigm, or in the way of thinking about or visualizing something

Evolution: A process of gradual and relatively peaceful social, political and economic advance. Growth. Unfolding.

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