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Living Grace Book Reviews

“Martie McMane brings together the generous heart of a pastor, the passion of a genuine believer, and the smarts of a street gal. The convergence yields a deeply felt rootedness that touches the concreteness of daily life. The grace-filled ways in which she writes matches the grace of God to which she bears witness. Readers may expect to have connections made for their faith and life that will be both new and transformative.”
Walter Brueggemann, author, Journey to the Common Good and Mandate to Difference, Emeritus Professor of Old Testament, Columbia Theological Seminary

“This book is definitely worth your time and energy to read and do the helpful exercises and meditations. Living Grace is filled with perceptive insights and a healthy spirituality.  What a wonderful resource to expand spiritual growth and access a fuller, more meaningful life!”
Joyce Rupp, author, Fragments of Your Ancient Name, Codirector of The Institute of Compassionate Presence

Living Grace is a beautiful integration of scripture, reflection, and soulful exercises.  Martie writes from her personal experiences sharing her conviction that the grace of God is real and true and available to all of us. Through stories and the wisdom of many spiritual teachers, she gently leads the reader into reflections that offer the possibility of  transformation. Living Grace is ideal for individual seekers or for small group study.”
Jane Vennard, author, A Praying Congregation: The Art of Teaching Spiritual Practice

“Martie McMane’s book is a feast of riches! Guiding us through a journey of spiritual covenants, she follows each of her essays with a series of creative ‘Reflections’—evocative guides for centering prayer, for journal writing, for doing processes of self-examination, and for new ways to read Scripture. To both essays and reflections, she brings insight and depth without sacrificing directness or her own warm humanity. She brings a quality of
self-revelation and vulnerability that can encourage the same in the reader. She brings memorable illustrations from the experiences of the high and the lowly, and shares her own life with humor and touching candor. The book’s title is utterly descriptive of its contents.”
James B. Nelson, author, Embodiment: An Approach to Sexuality and Christian Theology and Thirst: God and the Alcoholic Experience, Emeritus Professor of Christian Ethics, United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities

“In Living Grace, Rev. McMane offers readers a remarkable GPS (God Positioning System), a tool that resembles the instruments used by our ancestors, a single tool but able to be used in such diverse ways. Her knowledge of Scripture, her wonderful sense of humor and common sense, her recognition—without judgment— of the ways we get lost, her very clear message that much is in our hands, makes this book a wonderful supplement to the Scripture and a hope-filled guide for anyone who desires to take the spiritual journey seriously.”
Nancy Kehoe, RSCJ, PhD, author, Wrestling with Our Inner Angels, licensed  psychologist and clinical instructor in psychology, Cambridge Health Alliance affiliated with Harvard Medical School

“The first sign of a great book is my sudden urge to pull out a yellow highlighter and a pen to begin underlining and writing comments in the margins. Living Grace is one of those books. It is more than the knowledge that Martie McMane is offering; it is pure wisdom, the wisdom of an authentically lived spiritual experience that shines through the pages. Each chapter drew me in more deeply. I wanted to read more, ponder more, journal more,
savoring each morsel of insight. Of particular help to me were the journaling reflections at the end of each chapter encouraging me to take Martie McMane’s words and try them on in my own spiritual journey. If you want to take one significant step of growth on your spiritual path, read and embrace Living Grace.”
Deborah Kaiser-Cross, author, Prayers through the Seasons, Minister of Pastoral Care and Spiritual Development, Jupiter First Church, Jupiter, Florida

Living Grace holds all of the gentleness, wisdom and guidance that one would seek in a spiritual director. Martie McMane’s exploration of the Revolutionary Agreements leads the reader to a broader understanding of the very intimate search for peace and understanding in a world of distractions. Her Living Grace concepts facilitate the opening up of the creative process as it relates to spiritual growth, and lights the path to fulfillment on the journey.”
Gretchen Kloten Minney, author, Called-Women Hear the Voice of the Divine

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