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Revolutionary Agreements Book Reviews

Reader Reviews
Journal and Association Reviews

Reader Reviews

“Revolutionary Agreements line up like a stairway to a better life… each step will raise your level of awareness, enabling you to see the greatness that has been placed in your marvelous mind. Read it, then internalize it…your reward will be well worth the time and effort invested.”
Bob Proctor, teacher of The Secret; author, You Were Born to Be Rich

“A great book! Revolutionary Agreements is a series of powerful and profound life messages that can open up a world of possibilities for you.”
– Brian Tracy,
author, Million Dollar Habits

“Revolutionary Agreements, a thought-provoking and inspiring set of techniques to facilitate true peace in personal relationships…a great book.”
– U.S. Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich, 2003 Recipient of the Gandhi Peace Award

“Revolutionary Agreements is a wonderful guide to a fulfilling and loving life in the world. It takes the great movements for peace and justice of the ’60s and translates that impulse into sustainable action to transform ourselves and society. It will empower millions of us to express our creativity with others such that we will model the change we want to see in the world.”
– Barbara Marx Hubbard, President, Foundation for Conscious Evolution; first woman nominated for US Vice President (1984 Democratic National Convention)

“If you’re serious about personal growth, you’re going to love Revolutionary Agreements. Study them, experience them, and watch your life change. I highly recommend it.”
– Larry Wilson, founder, Wilson Learning; co-author, One Minute Salesperson

“Marian Head is a true student of Tao. Her insightful and persuasive ‘Wu-Wei’ approaches for personal transformation reach our hearts with open invitation to join the ‘soft’ revolution and harmonious agreement for all.”
Chungliang Al Huang, President-founder, Living Tao Foundation, Co-author, Tao: The Watercourse Way

Revolutionary Agreements is a deceptively simple and incredibly powerful guide to living a richer, deeper and more satisfying life. As someone who has lived and worked with these agreements for over 20 years, I am thrilled that Marian is offering her stories as a model of success and happiness in such a personal and accessible way. Incorporating any one of these Agreements into your life leads to tremendous growth.”
– Laurie Weiss, Ph.D., author, What is the Emperor Wearing? Truth-Telling in Business Relationships

“John Lennon dared us to ‘Imagine.’ Marian Head took him seriously and did something about it: she wrote Revolutionary Agreements. This may just be the ultimate handbook for change, a powerful template for changing the way we relate to one another. A remarkable, groundbreaking effort!”
– Chris Gross, CEO, Gabriel Media Group

“It’s clean, it’s fresh, and it has no pretense. Marian Head shares a simple, straightforward, powerful message that is applicable in everyday practical living—and she shares it straight from her heart to the reader’s heart. To borrow from Walt Whitman, ‘…This is not just a book. Who touches this, touches a person.'”
– Nick Gordon, international speaker and life coach

“I am grateful to Marian Head for bringing the Revolutionary Agreements to others, at home, at work, in relationships among friends, clubs, and wherever two or more are gathered. Marian’s personal testimony illustrates the power that is unleashed when we work together for the good of all. The Revolutionary Agreements have changed lives, transformed businesses, and improved communities…. It is an idea whose time has come.”
– Ward Flynn, author, The Truth Zone: Building the Truthful Organization from the Bottom Up!

“You and I are pioneers exploring the infinite universe of our own lives, each of us going where no “Self” has gone before. And now Marian Head has given us a map to guide us in that journey. What’s so ‘revolutionary’ about Revolutionary Agreements is its head-heart connection. It is a profound collection of practical things to do about who and how to be to be all we desire, dream and deserve.”
– John Milton Fogg, author, million-seller, The Greatest Networker in the World

“Marian Head’s vision and organizational brilliance made it possible to manifest the historic Soviet-American Citizens’ Summits (1988 and 1990) that Soviet and Russian officials have hailed as turning points in ending cold war stereotypes. The Revolutionary Agreements played a central role in building relationships and strengthening communication among my team members during these momentous events. Thank you, Marian: the work you’re doing brings hope to the world.”
– Rama Vernon, President, Center for International Dialogue, Founder, Women of Vision in Action (WOVA) and Co-founder, Yoga Journal

“I have had the privilege of watching the author live these Agreements and consistently put them into practice through very stressful times in our company’s history. Marian’s leadership, holding fast to the principles of these Agreements, transformed interpersonal and organizational struggles of “I’m right–you’re wrong” into genuine, joyful collaboration, ultimately creating “we” out of “us and them.” Imagine how this could change our world! I highly recommend Revolutionary Agreements to anyone wanting to improve the productivity of their work and the quality of their lives.”
– Bill Merlo, Corporate Executive Consultant

“As I read this book I thought of so many people I would love to give it to. Revolutionary Agreements is brilliantly written, very moving and important. This is what the world desperately needs as we attempt to find sanity and create community during these challenging times.”
– Marion Culhane, Co-founder, Global Family

“Marian Head shares her life’s lessons from the heart. Read and learn about building greatness in life.”
– David Neenan, Founder and President, Neenan Company

“You absolutely have a winner on your hands. It is simple and direct, it reads easily, from the heart, and rings true. This is the instruction book many people are hungry for. Such a gift it will become for millions.”
– Gale Arnold, President, Radio Tierra

Revolutionary Agreements offers easy-to-implement tools destined to help individuals and communities work and play from conscious choice. Marian Head’s words both excite and inspire us to create internal and external positive change.”
– Heather Ash, author, The Four Elements of Change

Revolutionary Agreements brings our minds, hearts and relationships to full attention. Tune into Marian Head’s strategies and your human instrument will sing a clearer and stronger song with the world. Read and resonate!”
– Don Campbell, musician, lecturer and bestselling author, The Mozart Effect and Healing at the Speed of Sound

“Life is as simple and as rewarding as we make it. And it doesn’t get any simpler or more rewarding than when we live it to its fullest guided by the intelligence and wisdom of the Revolutionary Agreements! Read them and ride the wave to the glorious future that waits for you.”
– Linda M. Lopeke, philanthropist and management consultant

“A true test of the effectiveness of a book of this nature is how it plays out in the life of the author. As Chairperson of our Associate Council, Marian has collaborated with me on many sensitive and sometimes controversial issues, yet even when our beliefs differed she was always able to walk her talk. It is through those experiences that I can say Revolutionary Agreements is a work from her heart, with underlying principles that are useful and timeless.”
– Sam Caster, Former Chairman and CEO, Mannatech Incorporated

“It’s plain and simple…if everyone incorporated the Revolutionary Agreements into their lives, our world would be an AMAZING place to live and grow!”
– Vivian Saccucci, entrepreneur


Journal and Association Reviews

Networking Times
Reviewed by Josephine Gross, Ph.D.

Revolutionary Agreements is a delightful and practical approach to living a positive life. Sharing real-life stories at work, at home and in the world, author/entrepreneur Marian Head reveals principles thousands have used to do exactly what the book’s subtitle promises: to “transform stress and struggle into freedom and joy.”

Opening with definitions of the title concepts (revolutionary: a fundamental change of paradigm; evolution: a peaceful process of unfolding and growth; agreements: harmony of opinion, implying a course of action), Head then invites the reader to join her in a revolution to create a positive world of positive lives, despite today’s prevailing paradigms of negativity.

The twelve agreements she offers as tools to effect this revolution are simple, practical and profound; for example, “I agree to live my mission,” “I agree to look within when I react,” “I agree to honor our choices,” and “I agree to see the best in myself and others.” These twelve are organized within three unifying principles: Truth (to be who I am); Acceptance (to accept others for who they are); and Gratitude (to appreciate the gift of this moment).

From the mundane to the extraordinary, the personal to the political, the heartwarming to the hilarious, Head lovingly brings these twelve Agreements to life, with examples, anecdotes and explorations culled from her twenty years of experience in using these life principles to create a life that works. From surmounting the common challenges of marriage and parenthood, to effectively managing work, corporate and community relations, the Agreements have been used in situations that have affected hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.

For example, one story takes us on Head’s journey to coordinate the program for a revolutionary conference of Soviet and American citizen-leaders at the close of the cold war, bringing together former enemies to launch relationships and collaborative efforts that subtly reshaped history. Others take us to the most intimate settings, sharing how Head has dealt with such personal issues as the death of a parent or everyday struggles in the life of her son Michael.

Twelve easy-to-read chapters show how you can apply the Agreements wherever you go to reduce unwanted drama in your life and increase inner peace. Each chapter puts its Agreement into larger perspective with “Words of Wisdom,” selections of quotations ranging from ancient wisdom to modern insights, followed by a “Focus on Today” section of practical exercises designed to help the reader apply that Agreement immediately—the perfect combination of inspiration and practical guidance.

Buckminster Fuller once said (as quoted in the book) that he never thinks about beauty when solving a problem, but when he’s finished he knows if the solution isn’t beautiful, it’s wrong. This book is a true work of beauty in its simplicity and authenticity; it is a manifesto of hope for transforming our daily lives—and our global future.

Colorado Independent Publishers Association
Reviewed By Mary Jo Fay

Revolutionary Agreements is the kind of book that’s going to make sense from the kitchen to the board room to international politics, as author Marian Head brings her experiences and knowledge gained from each of these venues to those who want to create a better world – no matter what their environment.

Head has produced a self-help book that makes you laugh, cry, and look at yourself and others in your lives in a new light – a light involving truth, belief in self and others, staying true to your mission, demonstrating compassion, being responsible for your own behaviors and attitudes, and so much more! What novel concepts!

Pulling from her extensive background in team building (including that of program coordinator for the Soviet-American Citizen’s Summit at the end of the cold war), to handling the ticking time-bomb issues of raising a teenager, Head shows us how her 12 Revolutionary Agreements can work in every setting with every kind of person … if only we will all take advantage of the simplicity, beauty, and joy that these simple beliefs can bring.

Combining her professional experiences with her life as a mom, the author lets us see her own transformation as she embraced her own “Agreements” into her every day life. Challenges with her parents, teenager, and close personal friends make this book a read everyone can relate to, for don’t we all struggle every day with the challenges that sometimes seem so frustrating that they oftentimes take the enjoyment out of life?

Head’s concepts also remind us to “lighten up” and enjoy this life! An idea we so often forget.

Professionally done, with attention to each detail, including artistic layout and fonts, this lovely book will find itself useful in the home, office, and in the corporate and political world where it will make a distinct difference in those who are seeking change, empowerment, and fulfillment in their lives and their relationships.

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