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Revolutionary Agreements Book, 2nd Edition

Revolutionary Agreements (2nd Edition): A Personal Path to Peace on Earth reveals principles tens of thousands have used to create greater inner peace and fulfillment at home and at work. Using real-life stories to illustrate the power of these simple agreements, Marian Head guides individuals and teams to reduce unnecessary drama, transform stressful relationships into joyful ones and gain greater emotional freedom. Purchase now for: $19.97 (+tax/shipping)

What’s NEW in the 2nd Edition? A LOT!

Powerful Stories From Readers of how the Agreements changed their lives, such as this one from Linda on the Agreement, I agree to listen with my heart:

“When Dad was recently hospitalized, I had an opportunity to see the dynamics of his behavior through more mature eyes. Visiting him in the hospital and listening to him with an open heart, I could see for the first time why he was the way he was and I was able to let go of the past. I no longer took personally some of his comments and was able to actually love him for who he was.” 

Personalized and Customized Agreements you can use as models for your family, business team, training programs, and communities.

Enhanced Exercises and Simple Steps For You to enrich your relationships, boost productivity at work, and increase peace and joy in your life.

Also available for $9.97 on your Kindle, Nook or   Get_it_on_iBooks_Badge_US_Source_1114


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