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Fertile Ground for Peace – A reflection on 9/11


Remember the way people around the world at first compassionately responded to our loss on 9/11/01? For a moment I had thought this tragedy might be a catalyst for the kind of worldwide unity I have dreamt about my whole life. But alas, like a typical response to cancer in a body – cut it out! – President Bush followed an old paradigm, removing those he deemed responsible.

Our military’s surgery left deep physical and emotional scars. Just as we are learning that there are other effective, less “conventional” ways to cure cancer in the physical body, is it possible that there are other ways to cure the growth of destructive cells in the body of humanity?

We know we can change the terrain in our bodies so that when new cells are born they aren’t born into the hostile environment in which they were created, but rather into a nourishing, supportive, and life-enhancing one. Imagine if the culture of our body of humanity were to evolve to provide this type of birthplace for new life to emerge.

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