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Archived Newsletters

In the years before blogs, we stayed connected through electronic newsletters.

Below is an index of Revolutionary News, by date and title of Marian’s timeless messages, which led off each newsletter:

Summer 2012 – Coming Home

Winter 2012 – Loving You

Winter 11-11-2011 – New Beginnings

Winter Solstice 2010 – The Gift of Presence

End of Winter 2010 – What Do You Choose?

Summer 2010 – Aging Beauty

Autumn 2009 – Honestly!

Spring 2009 – Seeing deLight Through the Eyes of a Child

Winter 2009 – Economic Stimulation

Fall 2008 – The Joy and Discipline of Balance

Summer’s End 2008 – Respect. Empower. Include.

Spring 2008 – A Time of Creation

Winter 2007 – Five years left to live

Fall 2007 – Stay Connected

Summer 2007 – The Art of Love

Spring 2007 – Spring Cleaning

February 2007 – We’re All On the Same Team.

January 2007 – Great Relationships

December 2006 – Who am I?

November 2006 – I Agree to See the Best in Myself and Others

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Coming Home

After 30 years of living in Boulder, Colorado, my husband Glenn and I sold our big house on three acres last year and headed to a little condo on the beach in Kauai for the winter. Now, having returned home to Colorado for the summer, I have no house to which to return home.

This has started an inquiry for me: “Where is my home?” And further, “What is home?”

I am living in Boulder in the summer, Kauai in the winter, and in Florida near my 94-year old mom in the fall. We travel to Texas as often as possible to visit our 6 grandkids.

I don’t seem to miss being in one place called “home.” It’s not that I’m restless; I feel content wherever I am for as long as I’m there. Is it because I am blessed with great friends and family and therefore a feeling of community wherever I go? Is it because I live my values (aka “Revolutionary Agreements”) and surround myself with others who do the same wherever I am?

Is home a place . . . or a feeling? If home is not a physical location, what is the surest route to get there?

Aging Beauty

On this Earth Day 2012 I feel deep gratitude for the many life lessons I’ve learned from Mother Nature. I share one of those as my gift to you on this day of honoring our beautiful Earth. (Original published in Revolutionary News, Summer 2010 issue.)

Now in my 7th decade of life, I am no longer the young chickadee who spent summers romping on New Jersey beaches. In my 50’s I started grappling with aging skin, deepening lines, folds, spots, sags, bags…oh my! It had not been easy to keep my agreement to “See the Best in Myself…” until Mother Nature stepped in.

While hiking along the Oregon coast I was transformed by Her majesty. All around me I saw the magnificence of aging. Rocks and caves proudly showed their purple scarring and other “imperfections” from their intimate relationship with life.

Ancient, gnarled trees commanded my respect and elicited my admiration for their persistence and tenacity over decades of battering winds and rain. The ever-maturing coastline revealed strikingly beautiful sculpture from its lifelong marriage with the sea.

Loving You

This Valentines Day I reflect on my gratitude for the many stewards of the Revolutionary Agreements who are making a difference in the world. The beautiful words of Elizabeth Barrett Browning come to mind:

How do I love thee?  Let me count the ways.

(Please read slowly & savor. Perhaps take each in with a slow breath.)

  1. By living my mission:
    To mentor those who choose a great life by living in Truth, Acceptance and Gratitude, with abundant health and prosperity.
  2. By building trust with you because you know I’ll always speak my truth with compassion.
  3. By looking within when I react, so that I don’t dump my personal, unresolved issues on you just because you’re holding up a mirror for me to see them!
  4. By continuing to do what works to serve you and changing what doesn’t.
  5. By listening to you with my heart.
  6. By respecting our differences, so you always feel safe sharing your perspective.
  7. By resolving conflicts directly, and with love.
  8. By honoring your choices, and mine.
  9. By giving thanks – and fully receiving yours.
  10. By seeing the best in you and reflecting it for you to see as well.

New Beginnings

Many call this the day of new beginnings. As I walked the beach outside my Kauai home at dawn I asked, “If I could create this day just the way I wanted, what would I create?” The answer came quickly: I would end all human suffering and create a world in which peace prevailed, where compassion and kindness were the natural way of being.

I then asked, “What can I do today to further the kind of world I wish to create?” This led me to reflect on the Revolutionary Agreement: “I agree to keep doing what works and change what doesn’t.”

What works is when I practice the Revolutionary Agreements. I become an ambassador of compassion and kindness. What works is when I share the Revolutionary Agreements. People who apply the Agreements tell me how it transforms their stress and struggle. (

What doesn’t work? How SLOW this positive revolution is moving!

And that is why this grandma is getting with it. After resisting most things electronic, I am learning how to positionRevolutionary Agreements to go VIRAL. And I’m inviting you to play with me in this new venture. Your presence will make a difference.

The Gift of Presence

During this season of giving, I am reminded that the greatest gift we can give to others — and to our Self — is our presence. The following message from the June 2005 Revolutionary News, is as true and important today as ever.

Are you living your life as history, mystery or now?

History: “I know this won’t work; I’ve tried it.” “I’ll never forgive her.” “I’m not good enough.” “I’m still scared.” Resentments, anger and fears rooted in the past keep us stuck, unable to enjoy the present.

Mystery: “I can’t make time for you/kids/making love/me today if I’m going to be ready for next week/year/when I retire.” Blaming the unknown imagined future, we take actions (or not) based on fear, and give ourselves excuses for not being here, now, to fully enjoy this moment and be all that we can today.

Now: Fewer of us live with hearts and minds fully present in this moment. My husband, Glenn, is one of these people. For him, it comes naturally; for me it is a practice. And it is well worth it. When I catch myself worrying about the past or future, I can take a deep breath and focus on the gratitude I feel for this moment, bringing me fully present to experience what’s in front of me right now. Only when I am present am I able to live my mission to enjoy my life and experience love in every moment.

Economic Stimulation

It was hard for me to breathe for days after learning that more than 80% of the money my husband and I had invested in a “Safety” fund was gone. Poof! Fraud, greed, and bankruptcies converged to rip away a sizeable chunk of our nest egg. My initial reaction was disbelief. And then fear set in, driving me to consider going back to work after having enjoyed retirement for the past five years.

I am keenly aware that my situation is not nearly as dire as others. I have a home-based business that continues to send monthly checks that cover my basic expenses, whether I work or not. In recent years I have had the luxury to give most of my time, energy, and a fair amount of money to projects, people and causes I support.

Feeling paralyzed by my financial loss (what WAS I going to do to build back the cushion I had planned to rest on in my old age?), I reread some of the inspirational stories shared by you, our dear readers, and a smile crept into my heart. Of course! It was right in front of me, on my desk actually. I turned to the Revolutionary Agreements. They provided me with insights, compassion and direction. The Gratitude Agreements helped me to lighten up. After all, I still enjoy those things most important to me: family, friends, my health and skills that I can apply to earn income and rebuild my cushion.


How do you feel when you catch someone telling you a lie? Do you instantly think, “Oh, it’s ok. He’s just trying to keep from hurting me, so that’s why he said he was at the office until 9:00 instead of out drinking with his buddies.” Or, “She told me she had lunch with Susan instead of telling me she had lunch with Bob. I understand. She didn’t want to worry me.”

Or do these “low” levels of dishonesty register on your inner Richter scale, building towards an irreversible chasm? One that gets deeper and wider with subsequent lies? And are you silent about them because apparently everyone lies–especially spouses?

I was shocked by an article in the October 20 Wall Street Journal entitled, “Lies, Damned Lies and Lies to Tell Your Spouse.” It was written for those who take lying lying down.

“Let me be clear: I’m not talking about the big, ugly, deal-breaking, deceptions—lies that, if exposed, could destroy a relationship,” says the article’s author Elizabeth Bernstein. “I’m talking about the fibs and feints and little white lies that serve as a social salve and help a relationship run smoothly. You know what I mean.”

Seeing deLight Through the Eyes of a Child

On the airport tram ride to baggage claim, I couldn’t help but notice the wide-eyed excitement of a young boy whose delight in his voyage through the dark, twisting airport tunnels was contagious. Laughing with glee, he hopped between people to catch glimpses of the tracks, igniting smiles all around.

I was reminded of when my young son, unencumbered by previous experiences or inhibiting manners, would literally squeal with delight and jump for joy when encountering something new and exciting. Now as a teenager, he seems to have “seen it all” and the sparkle that used to light him up is gone. Witnessing the young boy on the train, I yearned for the days of innocent joy.

I decided then and there to apply a new approach to the Agreement “I agree to lighten up.” Now, when I catch myself feeling heavy with the burden of responsibility, I shift my perspective to look through a child’s unadulterated eyes, and voila! I am transformed.

The Joy and Discipline of Balance

Emails and phone calls poured in from friends and colleagues congratulating me on a job well done. Over and over, I was acknowledged for the sacrifices I made since August while volunteering for my chosen Presidential candidate. I gave up the daily walks that feed my soul, precious time with good friends, cooking healthy food and enjoying meals with my family, and the eight hours of sleep my body craves. You might say that I exerted maximum discipline to stay on target.

Yet the day after the election, exhilarated and exhausted, I was struck by a different perspective. A TV commentator spoke of President-Elect Obama’s discipline, working out at the gym every morning during his campaign and talking to his daughters every evening.

I was fascinated with the realization that my choice to say “no” to everything else was actually easier than juggling multiple priorities. It would have taken greater discipline to maintain balance, to apply at least some of my time and energy to what matters most to me.

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