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The Perfection of Losing Our Minds


My mostly healthy 95-year old mom has what doctors call “mild cognitive impairment.” I call it “no more sticky cells for new information.”

After one of my brother’s visits to mom, he called me to vent his frustration. “She asks me the same question over and over even though I just answered her!” he exclaimed.

I asked, “How is she feeling?” “Great,” he replied.

“I’m really worried about her,” he continued. “I told her ten times how to do what she asked, and it was as though I hadn’t told her once.”

“How are her moods?” I asked. He replied, “I don’t think I’ve seen her this happy since before dad died 18 years ago.”  A blessing in disguise perhaps?

My husband and are living in Florida for a few months to be closer to mom. I visit her every couple of days and must say I haven’t seen her this content ever. She is truly enjoying her every moment. I captured one of them in this photo I took of her savoring a donut yesterday. I suppose at 95, you can eat whatever you like!

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