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Can you change your genes?


When faced with a health challenge, have you ever heard someone say, “It’s genetic,” and mean there’s nothing they can do about it? Just in case you haven’t heard, in some circumstances

we do not have to be victims of our genes.

In the first 12 minutes of this video, Dr. Bruce Lipton (Stanford researcher and epigenetics pioneer) shares his thoughts on how

you can change your genes by changing:

  • the environment in which your cells grow (especially through nutrition); and
  • your beliefs.

I’m lucky. I did both at the same time. 

Nineteen years ago, at the age of 45, I began supplementing with a new class of nutrients called glyconutrients. The research and results solidified my strong belief that glyconutrients would make a significant contribution to a high quality life. I am now a healthy 64.

Just after recovering from breast cancer, my 80-year old mom added glyconutrients to her diet. Today she is a healthy 96.

Marian & her mom

Marian & her mom in 2011

While studies show that Ambrotose® Glyconutrient Complex supports our immune, digestive, memory and cognitive functions regardless of our state of health, it’s best to start when we’re feeling well so we’ll keep feeling well.

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