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I’m Free!


IMG_0258aAs I’m riding my bike along the ocean on this 3rd of 12 significant days of 2015, The Who’s song plays over and over in my head:

I’m free – I’m free,
And freedom tastes of reality,
I’m free – I’m free,
And I’m waiting for you to follow me.

Checking the truth of this, I ask myself, “Really? Am I free?”
I hear a resounding “Yes!”
“What am I free from?” I ponder.
“From the shoulds, ought to’s and have to’s of my past.”
This is good.”What else?”
“The truth sets me free.” Seems a bit trite. Yet it reminds me that since the inception of the Revolutionary Agreements nearly 30 years ago, I have been practicing the Agreement to speak my truth, with compassion. For me that meant showing up fully authentically instead of saying what I thought would please others. Oh yes, that has set me free!

Today I recommit to that Agreement and take it to a new level. I realize that the truth of my highest self is what I wish to hear and speak. I no longer feel compelled to “fix” others (nothing to fix!), express uninvited opinions, or speak my projected judgments on another.



StressLESS this holiday season
and throughout the New Year!

Do you ever find yourself reacting negatively and emotionally to what someone says or does (especially someone close to you)?

Would you like to know how to disconnect from negative reactions immediately – and restore relationships with ease?

Enjoy this lively conversation with Liz Sterling, host of Sterling Spin radio, as we share ways to make the holidays – and every day – less stressful by playing T.A.G.:  Truth, Acceptance, and Gratitude.

I loved the interview. It reminded me to enhance the precious moments I have with my beautiful family by accepting any differences, trusting the flow and being so much more grateful for having them in my life.
Laura Whittemore, Author, Speaker, Life & Relationship Coach

In less than 30 minutes, learn how to:

  • instantly remove “triggers” that cause you emotional upsets
  • transform inner/outer shouting matches with loved ones into peaceful, loving conversations
  • bring out the best in everyone around you (including yourself)!

Download the mp3 and give it time to open. Make a cup of tea (optional). Then put your feet up, relax, and learn how to enjoy great relationships during the holidays and forever more by playing T.A.G.

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