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Changing Your World, One Agreement at a Time


One of your colleagues grabs you by the arm and says, “Can you believe what John did?! Gary told me all about it. Man, it really makes me mad.” You smile a compassionate smile. Stunned by your unexpected response, your colleague suddenly grins sheepishly and says, “Oh, yeah… that’s right. We’re practicing that Agreement this month: “I agree to resolve conflicts directly.” Sorry to have bothered you with this – I’ll go talk with John and first find out if it’s even true!”

Imagine enjoying a work environment in which your colleagues speak directly to those with whom they have an issue, rather than creating destructive drama by speaking behind their backs. How much would it be worth to practice “I agree to resolve conflicts directly” at work?


Your spouse (significant other, sister, brother) is shouting at you about that habit of yours that drives them crazy. Instead of your typical reaction, you take a deep breath and smile compassionately. This unusual response knocks them off guard and stops them in their tracks. “Oh yeah,” says your attacker. “I forgot. We’re supposed to be practicing that agreement this week: “I agree to respect our differences.” Off goes your loved one, muttering quietly and considering the power of this Agreement.

How would it feel to live peacefully in your home where you are loved and respected for who you are? How much would it be worth to practice “I agree to respect our differences” at home?

Consider the difference practicing only one Agreement could make. Is it worth mustering up the courage to introduce one of your favorite Agreements to your colleagues and loved ones?

Dan Lavender felt it was well worth spending a day in a teambuilding exercise (see Success Stories, below). Sigrid and Ted Farwell felt it was worth practicing the Agreements to strengthen their marriage. (see June 2005 issue). For Susan and Bill Seale, Carol Hoskins, Kate Birky, Susan Gallagher and others, it was worth bringing Revolutionary Agreements to their worship communities, and then sharing their Facilitator’s Guide for FREE with others who want to do the same (at www.revolutionaryagreements.com/programs).

What’s it worth to you to transform stress and struggle into freedom and joy, and change your world, one agreement at a time?

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