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Coming Home

After 30 years of living in Boulder, Colorado, my husband Glenn and I sold our big house on three acres last year and headed to a little condo on the beach in Kauai for the winter. Now, having returned home to Colorado for the summer, I have no house to which to return home.

This has started an inquiry for me: “Where is my home?” And further, “What is home?”

I am living in Boulder in the summer, Kauai in the winter, and in Florida near my 94-year old mom in the fall. We travel to Texas as often as possible to visit our 6 grandkids.

I don’t seem to miss being in one place called “home.” It’s not that I’m restless; I feel content wherever I am for as long as I’m there. Is it because I am blessed with great friends and family and therefore a feeling of community wherever I go? Is it because I live my values (aka “Revolutionary Agreements”) and surround myself with others who do the same wherever I am?

Is home a place . . . or a feeling? If home is not a physical location, what is the surest route to get there?

If you’re in Colorado, I hope you’ll join me this Sunday, July 29, at Columbine Unity Spiritual Center, 9 and 11 am, to explore the inner and outer dimensions of home and discover and delight in the many ways we can take ourselves there…from wherever we are.

What does “coming home” mean to you?

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