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Easy Does It!

I was shocked when one of my business partners said, “Our business is so easy, fun, and rewarding!”  Fun, yes. I love working with my friends. Rewarding? Oh, yes. We save lives every day. But EASY? No way.

“Really?” I asked. “You think this is EASY? “Absolutely,” she replied.

We do the same work. She thinks it’s easy. I think it’s hard. What’s going on here?

Perhaps I could have gone to a therapist for a few months and uncovered all the hidden (and not so hidden) messages about the virtues of working HARD that I learned from my hard-working parents. Maybe I would have discovered that the harder I work the more value I think I give to the world. Or that I feel accepted and appreciated based on my sweat-factor.

But instead, I decided to build a new habit. You see, I had a habit of making things hard. One of those “least action pathways” Dianne Collins writes about in her book, “Do You Quantum Think?”  That well-worn neural pathway that keeps us doing the same thing over and over again even if it doesn’t feel good, as demonstrated in the movie, “What the Bleep?” In terms I understand best: I was in a “rut.” So I followed my Revolutionary Agreement to “Keep Doing What Works and Change What Doesn’t.”

To build my new habit, whenever I became aware of something (ANYthing) that was easy, I began to say aloud, “That was easy!” I’d slide the screen door open. Zooooom – “That was easy!” I’d crack the egg in the pan & it would land perfectly whole – “That was easy!”

After just a week or so of noticing all of the many easy things, life became easier.  This morning, while returning down the beach from my morning walk, I discovered someone walking IN my footprints, which were the only ones on the beach. She thanked me for making her walk easier in that deep, soft sand.

I thought, “I always wanted to leave a legacy, something that would help others. Now THAT was easy!”

Is there anything in your life that isn’t working for you? Perhaps something you would like to be easier? What if it were as simple as changing your mind?

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