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Economic Stimulation

It was hard for me to breathe for days after learning that more than 80% of the money my husband and I had invested in a “Safety” fund was gone. Poof! Fraud, greed, and bankruptcies converged to rip away a sizeable chunk of our nest egg. My initial reaction was disbelief. And then fear set in, driving me to consider going back to work after having enjoyed retirement for the past five years.

I am keenly aware that my situation is not nearly as dire as others. I have a home-based business that continues to send monthly checks that cover my basic expenses, whether I work or not. In recent years I have had the luxury to give most of my time, energy, and a fair amount of money to projects, people and causes I support.

Feeling paralyzed by my financial loss (what WAS I going to do to build back the cushion I had planned to rest on in my old age?), I reread some of the inspirational stories shared by you, our dear readers, and a smile crept into my heart. Of course! It was right in front of me, on my desk actually. I turned to the Revolutionary Agreements. They provided me with insights, compassion and direction. The Gratitude Agreements helped me to lighten up. After all, I still enjoy those things most important to me: family, friends, my health and skills that I can apply to earn income and rebuild my cushion.

Once I replaced my fear with appreciation for life again, I focused on the Agreement, “I agree to look for blessings in disguise.” I began to see how this economic crisis could actually become a positive force in my life…and the world.

My energy ignited. Everything I saw and heard (even the difficult stuff) began sounding like an opportunity to both give and receive. I’m a writer; I could learn to write grants to help the causes I support. I have been coaching people (for free) since long before coaching was popular; I could offer my coaching services. And then I had a huge “aha”! The cash flow from the business I started with a friend 14 years ago has been supporting my freedom for years. I could teach people who needed their own personal economic stimulus plan to do what I did.

The possibilities are endless when I am full of hope and gratitude. The possibilities end when I am filled with fear. I hope you’ll join me during these challenging economic times by giving your gifts, allowing yourself to receive (you may want to re-read the Chapter on “I agree to give and receive thanks”) and feeling gratitude for every precious moment of our lives.

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