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Five years left to live

On a snowy evening in Colorado, family and friends were enjoying each other around the fire in our living room. When the conversation turned to Revolutionary Agreements, someone asked me about my impetus for writing the book. I recalled a Sunday church service years before in which the minister offered a simple exercise that was simply life transforming. He invited us to close our eyes and then asked, “If you had only five years left to live, what would you do with your life?”

Sitting in my church seat, I took a deep breath and allowed the images to flow. It looked much like my life that day, brimming over with the joy of watching my young son grow up, working and playing with my beloved husband, continuing to make the contributions I was making through my wellness and business coaching. Yes, I would keep on doing just what I was doing today, I thought.

Then he asked, “What if you knew you had only six months to live?” Suddenly the picture of my ideal life turned upside down. “Only six months?!” My heart raced as I searched my soul for the answer. The visuals slowly appeared: I saw myself standing on a soapbox in front of a small audience casually gathered around. I felt a passion and an urgency to tell anyone who would listen everything that I had learned during my lifetime that might be of use to them.

That was the vision that seeded my writing Revolutionary Agreements.

From his cozy position next to the fire, my son spoke up and threw in a ringer (aren’t teenagers great?). “But mom, what would you do if everyone on Earth died when you died? Like 2012,” he said, revealing his personal interpretation of the end of the Mayan calendar. “If you knew that we ALL have only five years to live and then we’re all gone, what would you do?”

I couldn’t answer. No one could. His question left us speechless. Once again, I experienced that feeling of life turned upside down. What legacy could I leave if no one would be there to receive it? Who would care what I knew about ANYTHING? Should I just play? Is there anything I had not done or seen that would make my life richer? I honestly couldn’t think of a thing that I felt I needed to do or have before I died. I suppose this is a good thing, but it left me cold.

His question continued to prod me during the following week. I shared it with many others, most of whom were as stunned as I was about the answer. Only one spoke with tremendous clarity and certainty: “Why wouldn’t we all do everything possible to stop the world from ending in five years?” he asked.

“What could I possibly do?” I asked myself. Suddenly, I was hit with a BFO (blinding flash of the obvious)! With a sigh of relief, I realized that by sharing the Revolutionary Agreements, we’re all already promoting greater inner peace and thus greater peace on Earth. Perhaps that is all that is needed to save the world.

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