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… with emails asking if we survived the 1000 year rains and 100-500 year floods nearby our Colorado home. Yes, gratefully our home was spared. However, our 22-year old son, Michael, is not allowed back into his water-soaked condo for a few more weeks. And as a volunteer EMT/Firefighter, he has been on the front lines saving lives … and sometimes unable to.

My longtime friend and business partner, Gail, has been without electricity, water, internet, and phone service since September 13. Her family is safe, but her home now sits on a cliff with a river running in front of it.

9/11/13. Gail looking toward her house which was about 30 feet from her garden. Small creek 100 yards beyond.

9/13/13. Gail's house is now on a cliff with a roaring river at its base. 60% of her land is gone.

The community has rallied. Newly homeless people are moving in with families who have opened their homes (and hearts) to them. Gail’s neighbors are moving rock from their quarry across the new river to shore up the cliff upon which her house now resides. Goodness abounds!

Every day offers opportunities for kindness. Consider — and then share with us below — what simple act did you do today that made at least one life better?

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