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Gratitude Journal for a Healthy Marriage

$3.99 Kindle & IBook

$3.99 Kindle, Nook & iBook
$12.99 Paperback

Authentic. Intimate. Life-affirming. The “secret sauce.” A deep look into the love-glue of relationships through the expression of gratitude in every simple interaction. This beautifully delivered gift provides a perfect mirror for my relationship with my beloved – and an invitation to shine even more light onto that blessing. It is also an expression of self-love that is the foundational element of relationship love. Thank you, Marian—and Glenn. —Bob Warner, retired Aviation Association Management

A gift of love for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays & holidays like Thanksgiving and Valentines Day.

Gratitude Journal for a Healthy Marriage is a both a love story and practical guide for men and women to create and maintain healthy relationships. Marian Head shares her journey to rejuvenate her marriage through the simple act of writing a daily gratitude to her husband, Glenn. The powerful core of the book is handwritten pages from her journal during the year she chose to focus on what she liked about her husband, rather than what she didn’t like.

Readers who savor each journal entry in Gratitude Journal for a Healthy Marriage discover behaviors that engender gratitude, and delight in finding how easy it can be to enhance relationships by simply focusing on the best in each other.


Also available for $3.99 for your e-reader. Click on Kindle, Nook, or iPad, iPhone and Mac

It felt like I had permission to read someone’s diary (very exciting). It has a sense of intimacy, which I love. I’m now noticing where I may take relationships for granted in my life and how I can apply gratitude to save the day. An important book. –Reverend Patrick Feren, Center for Spiritual Living, Kauai

It quite touched me! Marian Head’s honesty and vulnerability are beautiful and exemplary. —Gale Arnold, President, Radio Tierra


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Please read Gratitude Journal for a Healthy Marriage
before requesting the additional journal entries, as the book provides important context and lessons learned that could positively impact all your relationships.

If you have been enjoying reading Gratitude Journal for a Healthy Marriage and want more, click “Send Journal Entries” button for the second half of Marian’s original journal to Glenn. One journal entry will be delivered to your inbox every day for 61 days. (No advertising!)

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