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I Agree to See the Best in Myself and Others

In this month of thanks, I feel especially grateful to you. By living the principles of the Revolutionary Agreements you are changing the world. This month, won’t you join me in re-reading and applying the Gratitude section of Revolutionary Agreements? Imagine a holiday season filled with gratitude – even for the challenges that can arise at this time of year!

I Agree to See the Best in Myself and Others

While learning the Enneagram I am reminded that tools like these have helped me immeasurably over the years to “respect our differences,” “honor our choices,” and certainly to see the best in each other.

Years ago, Glenn and I used the Meyers-Briggs personality profile in our corporate teambuilding work. It turned out to be one of the most important foundational tools for our marriage! Before knowing the results of our own tests, I used to feel frustrated by Glenn’s disinterest in planning with me, thinking that he didn’t care about our future. A simple example was our disconnection from each other while planning vacations. After taking the M-B, I saw clearly how my personality type loves to plan all the details and know what’s going to happen. On the other hand, Glenn’s profile showed that he loves spontaneity and keeping his options open. No wonder he never wanted to set any plans in concrete!

Armed with these important understandings about ourselves, I could then delight in my vacation books and plan to my heart’s content. During our vacation, secure in knowing what I had planned for that day, I would casually say to Glenn, “Honey, would you like to [do whatever I planned] today?” “Sure!” he would often reply to my seemingly spontaneous idea… or he might propose something even better.

While I may have the intention to see the best in others and myself, tools such as the Meyers-Briggs and the Enneagram help me to see more clearly the gifts that each of us brings to our relationships at work and at home.

Could your relationships benefit from taking the time to understand each other’s natural gifts? What tools do you have to help you see the best in yourself and others? How can you apply this–and the other three gratitude agreements–to create a less stressful, joy-filled holiday season?

Happy Thanksgiving!

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