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Love is the Answer

A recent survey asked which of the following were among my five top values:

Unity, freedom, responsibility, equality, order, efficiency, safety/security, compassion, wisdom, trust, truth/honesty, engaged citizenship, creativity, forgiveness, love.

Before you read further, perhaps you’d like to take a minute to note your own preferences. (Don’t peek ahead!)


Here’s how my minute-long inner conversation went:

Unity. Yes. That’s right up there at the top for me. Always has been; always will be. We are many facets of one human race.

Freedom. The hallmark of our great nation, I do not take for granted that we have the freedom to visit family and friends in other states and nations, to speak what is on our minds, and to engage in whatever work and play we choose. I am often reminded that freedom is an attitude above all else, and when I forget I simply re-read Elie Wiesel. Freedom is definitely one of my top values.

Responsibility. Hmmm… Personal responsibility goes hand-in-hand with freedom. When we blame others or justify our behaviors, we imprison ourselves in perpetual victimhood. Choosing my top five values is challenging!

Equality. How can we have unity without equality?

Order. While I believe that “all is in perfect order,” I don’t think of order as one of my top values. (Maybe that’s why my teenager’s room is such a mess!)

Efficiency. Reminds me of work.

Safety/security. At first glance, this sounds like an antidote to fear. I’d rather focus on love.

Compassion. Ah, this one captures my attention. If I had more of this, I would be less judgmental – of those who are fearful.

Wisdom. If this means getting centered and quiet in order to tap into the wisdom of the ages, then yes. Count me in on this one.

Trust and Truth/Honesty. These go together…all the way to the top of my list! We can do so much for and with each other when there is trust based on honesty!

Engaged citizenship. Sounds like responsibility to me. Very important in this day and age of increasing negativity. Positive revolution, anyone?

Creativity. This is a must for the evolution of humanity. Where, oh, where does it fit into my ranking?

Forgiveness. Read page 118 of Revolutionary Agreements for how I feel about this one (or see below*).



Love. The rules of the game (survey) changed as I contemplated this one. Who needs five top values when one will do?

If God is Love and Love is All There Is, then this is the ultimate value. Indeed it is the value of life and the reason for living. When we experience Divine love and pay it forward, then all the other values in this list are handled. Forgiveness and compassion come naturally, creativity and efficiency flow, responsibility and engaged citizenship rise up to meet the challenges of living in unity and equality.

Ah, love is the answer.

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