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Loving You

This Valentines Day I reflect on my gratitude for the many stewards of the Revolutionary Agreements who are making a difference in the world. The beautiful words of Elizabeth Barrett Browning come to mind:

How do I love thee?  Let me count the ways.

(Please read slowly & savor. Perhaps take each in with a slow breath.)

  1. By living my mission:
    To mentor those who choose a great life by living in Truth, Acceptance and Gratitude, with abundant health and prosperity.
  2. By building trust with you because you know I’ll always speak my truth with compassion.
  3. By looking within when I react, so that I don’t dump my personal, unresolved issues on you just because you’re holding up a mirror for me to see them!
  4. By continuing to do what works to serve you and changing what doesn’t.
  5. By listening to you with my heart.
  6. By respecting our differences, so you always feel safe sharing your perspective.
  7. By resolving conflicts directly, and with love.
  8. By honoring your choices, and mine.
  9. By giving thanks – and fully receiving yours.
  10. By seeing the best in you and reflecting it for you to see as well.
  11. By looking for blessings in disguise so I can live from a place of joy rather than struggle, contributing positive energy to you and all life on Earth.
  12. By lightening up so we can take life more “lightly” and light up each other’s lives.

In all these ways, I love you. In all these ways I love the world.

What gifts of love do you offer on this day?

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