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Making a Difference

If you’re reading this e-letter, it’s likely that you’re one of those people who feels great when you make a difference in the world, or in the life of another person. Can you recall the last time you did?

Sometimes I think, “I’ve got to give more time/energy/money to this important project that helps people.” Or, “I really should focus on ‘X’ because it could make a huge difference in our country.” Occasionally I have wondered why I am engaged in business-as-usual, when I could be out “saving the world.”

Last week I had an “aha!” moment. Sitting in the audience at a wellness conference, tears streaming down my face, I listened as one person after another shared their stories of surviving – and then thriving. People who had given up hope were now rejoicing; spouses and children thanked us for having their loved ones back. I was overtaken by emotion…and suddenly a deep spiritual realization that this work was as significant as any other.

I had left my wellness business two years ago to do “greater” work in the world: to write my book, to seed the “positive revolution,” to help re-unite America, to do my part to create Peace on Earth. My “aha” was that my seemingly more mundane work to educate people about nutrients necessary for optimal health was as vital as any other contribution I could make.

I realized that whether I’m working on the grand level of saving our planet or simply helping one person to have a better quality of life, I am fulfilling my mission to be Love in Action.

I also remembered that we have multitudes of opportunities to make a difference on a daily basis. Small decisions, such as turning off the water while brushing our teeth, re-using grocery bags, and eating organic foods when possible, serve our planet. Simple gestures, such as opening a door for someone, listening without judgment or offering a genuine smile, can make a huge difference in someone’s day.

Regardless of the work we choose to do and the stuff of life we juggle every day, we can each walk with the magnificent purpose of my friend, Viv: “My mission is to make a difference in the life of every person I meet.”

Contemplate that one.

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