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Plan C: A Proven Path to Financial Freedom – Special Mannatech Edition

3-24-13 Version

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Mannatech Founder Sam Caster and Executive VP Al Bala start this special e-book edition of Plan C with their personal forewords. This book is chock full of facts about the network marketing profession and active links to back them up. This edition links to audios and videos that illuminate Mannatech’s unique social entrepreneurial approach. Use it to:

Educate prospective business associates

Strengthen existing associates’ belief
in the network marketing profession.

Plan C is a no-nonsense way to help educate people about:

– what network marketing is
– what it is not
– who it is for
– how to choose the right company
– why NOW is the best time to get started
– how to succeed

Author Glenn Head, Mannatech Presidential, is Cofounder and Dean of Networking University. To serve network marketers worldwide, he wrote a generic, factual guide to the profession. One week after publishing the generic Plan C, network marketers on five continents had already purchased it. Here’s what one of them says:

Having been a network marketer for more than twenty years, I am always searching for the perfect tool to explain exactly what it is I do. Glenn Head has created that tool in Plan C, offering a simple yet detailed description of the profession. Plan C also includes rock-solid statistics; any doubters who read it instantly lose their inclination and ability to argue.
~ Tom Chenault, network marketing leader and Home Based Business Radio show host

Share your special Mannatech edition with prospective business associates FOR FREE. That’s right. As an associate, when you purchase your own e-book, Glenn encourages you to e-mail copies to your prospective associates for free. The only thing he asks is that each associate purchase your own copy so he can let you know about updates that ensure your facts and data continue to be current and accurate.

Here’s what one Mannatech associate says about Plan C:

Glenn Head’s Plan C: A Proven Path to Financial Freedom is the perfect book to explain the business structure of network marketing. Savvy people don’t want to waste their time getting into something flaky and this book defines what network marketing is and what it is not. Thanks Glenn!
Dr. Gina S. Honeyman, DC



Only $4.97

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