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New Beginnings

Many call this the day of new beginnings. As I walked the beach outside my Kauai home at dawn I asked, “If I could create this day just the way I wanted, what would I create?” The answer came quickly: I would end all human suffering and create a world in which peace prevailed, where compassion and kindness were the natural way of being.

I then asked, “What can I do today to further the kind of world I wish to create?” This led me to reflect on the Revolutionary Agreement: “I agree to keep doing what works and change what doesn’t.”

What works is when I practice the Revolutionary Agreements. I become an ambassador of compassion and kindness. What works is when I share the Revolutionary Agreements. People who apply the Agreements tell me how it transforms their stress and struggle. (www.RevolutionaryChoices.com/results)

What doesn’t work? How SLOW this positive revolution is moving!

And that is why this grandma is getting with it. After resisting most things electronic, I am learning how to positionRevolutionary Agreements to go VIRAL. And I’m inviting you to play with me in this new venture. Your presence will make a difference.

Here’s what I invite you to do: Come and visit our brand new Revolutionary Agreements Facebook page and click on LIKE on the top of the screen. It’s EASY and it doesn’t cost anything! www.facebook.com/revolutionaryagreements. Add your thoughts whenever you feel inspired. I hope it’s often! You may be THE ONE with the message that goes far and wide.

Come visit my husband Glenn and me at our new website and interact with us on our new blog. Please be patient as we learn our way through this new technology. Our intention is to add value to your life and to learn from you through your interactions at our blog and Facebook page.


Thanks for playing with me at this time of new beginnings.

How can I play with you? What kind of day are you creating?

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