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The Power of 12


Friend and author of Joy of Ritual, Barbara Biziou says:

The first 1calendar day 12 days of the year symbolically represent the entire year. Thus, January 1st represents all of January. January 2nd represents all of February and so on. By consciously setting your intention daily on the best outcome and taking action aligned with this higher vision, you are creating the space to watch these things show up during the year. (www.BarbaraBiziou.com)

As I was setting my intention on the first day of the New Year I was struck with a BFO lightening bolt(Blinding Flash of the Obvious):

12 days – 12 months – 12 Agreements!

By calling in one of the 12 Revolutionary Agreements on each of the first 12 days of 2015, we set the path for a year of truth, acceptance and gratitude.

So, on day 1, I choose Agreement #1: I agree to live my mission. Moments later I smiled as I rode my bike past a large sign on the side of a garbage truck:

When you think of garbage, think of us!

Perfect! I thought, “When you think of conscious agreements, think of Marian Head!” What fun! How about you? Fill in the blank: “When you think of _____, think of [your name]!”

What an easy way to access the truth of who you are. Day 1 – Mission accomplished!

DAY 2 →

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