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Partnering for Love and Money


Let’s face it. Love and money are two things everyone wants — except that we love love and when we think about money, sometimes it’s paired with the word “evil.”

I remember how uncomfortable I used to be about being prosperous. I would make myself feel better by justifying all the hard work I did to earn that money. How many people I served. How much of that money I contributed to good causes.

Then one day while paying a cashier in a grocery store, I had an epiphany. My money just paid her. It paid the people whose farm produced the food I just bought. It paid the workers who tended and harvested, cleaned and prepared the vegetables for shipping; it paid the truckers and the shelf stockers. With that small exchange, I was contributing to countless people along the way who got the food from the farm to the grocer to me.

I realized that whether I’m buying food or a luxury item, I get to thank numerous people for their creativity and hard work by exchanging money for their time and talents. I was elated! At that moment, I knew it wasn’t love of money that is “evil”; it’s stopping the flow of money that does not serve anyone. Including the flow to (and then through) me.

So let’s create more flow! When I think of my friends and colleagues who enjoy abundant love and money, I notice we all have something in common: we use the Revolutionary Agreements. By applying the Agreements consciously with our partners (spouses, colleagues, neighbors, friends), we can enjoy all the riches of life.

Read Laurie’s success story of an executive coaching client who transformed his relationship with his wife (love) and his productivity at work (money) simply by practicing one Revolutionary Agreement for one week.

Which one of the twelve Revolutionary Agreements do you or will you use in your partnerships to enhance the love and prosperity in your life? Please share your thoughts with us below.

I hope you’ll tune in this Wednesday, March 6, 6 pm EST, as TV and radio show host Mitchell Jay Rabin and I explore how the Revolutionary Agreements support us in partnering for love and money.  Details at www.ABetterWorld.tv/newsletter.

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