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What’s Your Perspective?

Yesterday was a very windy day at the Hollywood Beach in Florida. I experienced Mother Nature’s ferocity while being repeatedly whipped by her gusts and blasted by her sand. Until I changed my perspective.

I decided to reframe my circumstances in that moment: instead of feeling the wind thrashing me, I imagined the wind caressing me. Immediately I felt calmer, more peaceful, cared for, and content. Amazing.

When a gust of wind sent sand flying my way, I laughed and imagined being the recipient of a very special massage.

Struck by a BFO (blinding flash of the obvious), I realized that changing my perspective – and thus my experience – was simply a thought away.

I asked myself (and now you), “How and where might changing our perspectives bring more joy into our lives?” I first considered several people in my life. Might it be equally easy to shift my perspective about them and, in turn, create even more enjoyable relationships? Of course! I do it whenever I practice the Revolutionary Agreement “to see the best in myself and others.”

What about troubling circumstances? To shift my perspective about those, I realize all I need to do is apply the Agreement “to look for blessings in disguise.” Could it be that simple? Why not?

What’s your perspective? Are you just one thought away from an even more joyful day?

With love and gratitude,
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