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How to See Rainbows, Whales, and Other Heart’s Desires


My footsteps from sunrise walkWhile taking my sunrise walk on the beach, it began to rain and then pour. I headed for shelter. Wet but safe from the cloudburst, I contemplated what the blessing in disguise might be for this morning’s interruption to my peaceful walk. The answer appeared immediately: I might be fortunate enough to witness one of Nature’s stunning rainbow arches. I eagerly headed back to the beach as soon as the rain subsided.

As I looked around, I thought about the people who wouldn’t see the rainbow because they weren’t looking for it. That led me to ruminate about visitors who don’t stand still long enough to gaze unhurriedly at the ocean and yet they say, “I haven’t seen a whale yet.”

IMG_3167Whether we wish to see rainbows, whales, prosperity, love, or any other heart’s desire, we must be looking for them. At least that’s what I thought. Until today.

Continuing my walk along the ocean, my mind went on to other ideas, and I forgot about looking for a rainbow. Just then, a nice-looking, fortyish man approached me smiling. “Did you see what’s behind you?” he asked. Oh my! There it was. Nature’s palette in the sky.


Ten minutes after that rainbow had vanished, another man on the path said, “Have you seen the double rainbow?” I looked up and delighted in the bountiful blessing.

Could it be that it’s not the looking for, but the knowing and releasing that bring us our heart’s desires? I know that Nature provides beauty for me to delight it. Always. Because I value Nature’s beauty so highly, it presents itself even when I’m not looking.

This thought triggered my memory of selling our Colorado home. Every day for months, I consciously envisioned people coming through the front door, loving and wanting our beautiful house. Yet it wasn’t until I was many miles and thoughts away from Colorado that the right people appeared. The offer on our house came after I had released my focus on it.

Catch and release. Catch the vision; release the attachment.

That works for me! What works for you to see your heart’s desires?

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