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Revolutionary Wellness

What would wellness need to be…
to be called “Revolutionary?”

Would 25+ years of great energy, no medications, and virtually no sick days qualify?  That would be us — and we are now in our 70’s!  When we were younger and our son was in public school, he had no sick days for seven consecutive years. We want you and your family to enjoy great health, too.

Even when you have plenty of love and money, you need the health and energy to fully enjoy it! We offer you revolutionary strategies in these three areas of wellness that have given us — and hundreds of our friends and customers — abundant health and well being.


For the results people have experienced with our wellness programs, click here.

Nourish Yourself-Nourish A Child in Need. Did you know that 3.5 to 5 million children under the age of five die every year from causes linked to malnutrition? With the simple act of nourishing yourself with high-quality food- and plant-based dietary supplements, you trigger a donation of nutritional powder to the world’s most vulnerable children.

My Wellness Club helps you stay focused on the quality and quantity of these four vital components of  radiant health and abundant energy:




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 and Intelligent Supplementation

What do we mean by “intelligent” supplementation?

1. Dietary supplements that are plant-sourced. Real food that your body recognizes, absorbs, and can use to your benefit.  It is not intelligent to buy cheap supplements that pass right through your body into the sewer!

2. Supplements produced with Good Manufacturing Practices ensuring consistent quality from bottle to bottle, pill to pill.  When you get great results once, you want to be sure you keep them coming!

3. Third party certification that assures that every supplement in every bottle has all the ingredients listed on the label, and nothing more.

4. Research-based, developed over years of testing and backed by scientific studies conducted at major universities.  It is not intelligent to buy from companies that put the latest fad ingredients into their supplements in order to sell them.  In fact, more of one ingredient can make other ingredients in the same supplements ineffective — or worse.

5. Satisfaction guaranteed. When a nutritional company offers a 6 month, 100% money-back guarantee, you know they are sure of its quality.


For the results people have experienced with our wellness programs, click here.

Revolutionary Wellness for your


At the foundation of Revolutionary Wellness is an authentic, positive attitude and the choice to live by values consistent with who you are. We offer you the Revolutionary Agreements to adopt or to inspire you to create your own personal agreements with yourself.

For the results people have experienced by applying the Revolutionary Agreements, click here.

“I cannot imagine anything more effective than the Revolutionary Agreements to help individuals discover how powerfully their attitude affects their wellness.”
— Maria, life coach and wellness consultant for more than 25 years

Revolutionary Wellness for your


A daily practice of stillness, whether meditation or prayer, walking in nature, journaling, yoga or Tai Ji, can have a profound positive impact on your day. A healthy spirituality permeates your relationships with yourself, your loved ones, your teammates, and your Source of inspiration.

Gathering with like-minded, like-spirited people can also help you to co-create the life you desire.  Meeting for a full day every month for 20 years, the “Geneva Group” became our safe space to explore how to fully live our spiritual values at home and  at work. How grateful we are for this group of positive and supportive friends and colleagues!  Click here for the Geneva Group Agreements (from which the Revolutionary Agreements evolved).

To help you deepen your spiritual practice, we offer Reverend Martie McMane’s spiritual application of the Revolutionary Agreements, Living Grace: Spiritual Growth in the Everyday World.

For more information or to order, click here.

“If you want to take one significant step of growth on your spiritual path, read and embrace Living Grace.” Rev. Deborah Kaiser-Cross, author, Prayer Through the Seasons


Our revolutionary strategies transform stress and struggle into freedom and joy in these significant areas:

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