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Seeing deLight Through the Eyes of a Child

On the airport tram ride to baggage claim, I couldn’t help but notice the wide-eyed excitement of a young boy whose delight in his voyage through the dark, twisting airport tunnels was contagious. Laughing with glee, he hopped between people to catch glimpses of the tracks, igniting smiles all around.

I was reminded of when my young son, unencumbered by previous experiences or inhibiting manners, would literally squeal with delight and jump for joy when encountering something new and exciting. Now as a teenager, he seems to have “seen it all” and the sparkle that used to light him up is gone. Witnessing the young boy on the train, I yearned for the days of innocent joy.

I decided then and there to apply a new approach to the Agreement “I agree to lighten up.” Now, when I catch myself feeling heavy with the burden of responsibility, I shift my perspective to look through a child’s unadulterated eyes, and voila! I am transformed.

A case in point: Last night I had to drive our old farm truck down the road to a friend who was going to borrow it. (Notice the words “had to.”) I got behind the wheel of the truck feeling tired and irritable after a long day of balancing what felt like a million important details. I was the consummate victim, annoyed by having to drive this clunky vehicle anywhere at all, especially at night. Unlatching the parking brake became a nasty game of “gotcha!” …and the truck won. When I finally got it going, this embarrassingly noisy vehicle moved so slowly I thought I’d be arrested for whatever is the opposite of speeding.

As I grumbled to myself, I remembered my promise to see the world through the eyes of an innocent child.

In the split second of that thought, my whole demeanor changed and a smile appeared on my face. (Tony Robbins calls this a “state change.”) My inner child jumped at the chance to take over the wheel and instantly thought, “What fun to drive this old truck!” The noises that had irritated me only moments ago became music to childlike ears. I began enjoying the jostling I was getting with each bump in the road.. “Wheeee!”

When I arrived at my friend’s, he marveled at my giddy behavior. “She’s all yours,” I laughed. “This ole truck has some spark left. Enjoy!” Caught in the contagion of my good mood, he accepted the keys with deLIGHT.

Simply by changing my perspective, I was transformed. What a great way to lighten up – and to pay it forward.

Won’t you allow your inner child to come out to play… and be deLIGHT with me?

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