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Spring Cleaning

It’s that beautiful, promising time of the year again! To make room for the new growth, we joyfully clear out the old debris. While working in my garden outside, it occurs to me that it’s also a good time to prepare my inner garden.

What debris is hanging around from last year that could stunt my potential growth? Are there old patterns or habits that no longer serve? In what direction am I going and is the ground prepared for my journey? What must I tend to daily to nurture the seeds of the life I wish to live?

I scan the landscape of my being: Where is the soil still hard? What seeds will struggle to break through? My mind lands on wishes that have not yet born fruit. “One million readers will use Revolutionary Agreements to create inner peace, and thus create greater peace on earth.” I notice my doubt growing and feel the ground of potential creation harden.

Activating my inner hoe to immediately break up this hardening thought, I free my mind to wonder instead, “What if I consciously tend this garden?” As my thoughts shift to follow this new line of reasoning, I begin to lighten up. Spirit is now able to guide me.

I say aloud, “I am grateful for the capability to steward the Revolutionary Agreements in partnership with Spirit, so that millions will experience greater inner peace, and thus create greater peace on earth.” As I sit quietly allowing the seed of this creative thought to take root, I no longer feel separate. I am once again in partnership with the elements necessary for my garden to flourish:

Seeds of creation are lifted and carried by each conscious breath.
Tears of gratitude moisten the fertile soil onto which the seeds alight.
The warm sunshine of my heart’s blazing passion brings this seed of an idea to life.
And Nature, in its perfect timing, nurtures and loves it into being.

Won’t you join me in preparing our inner gardens for the most magnificent springtime of our lives? Imagine the exquisite possibilities!

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