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Last night I had the honor of introducing Barbara Marx Hubbard to a packed theater in Boulder, Colorado.  After screening Our Story, the first DVD in her Humanity Ascending documentary series, a man in obvious turmoil stood and with tears in his eyes asked, “But what can we DO about all the despair in the world?”

Barbara answered him with great compassion. She shared a story about how “imaginal” cells in a cocooning caterpillar hold the vision of the future butterfly.  Despite the fact that these cells are first perceived as foreign invaders and are destroyed by the creature’s own immune system, the imaginal cells continue to multiply and connect with a strength and force that ultimately and miraculously transforms the caterpillar.  Barbara suggested that we take notice of this God-given, evolutionary design and hold the vision of being imaginal cells in a new, emerging body of humanity.  By staying connected and strong in our intention, we can co-create a future that applies our great human potential to the betterment of humanity and the world.

The next day, I received an email of gratitude from the man who had asked Barbara that question.  He wrote, “I have been struggling for a long, long time on what is it all about? Why is it that I feel there is no end to all the turmoil? Why is it that I continue to struggle with thinking there is no solution, that mankind and the planet as a whole are doomed to go the way of the dinosaur because we as human beings are out of control and because of our actions are destroying planet earth and its people?

“But last night I left feeling that maybe there is hope!  Maybe by ‘connecting’ with each other no matter what our status, no matter our color or ethnicity, where we are politically etc., etc., we can begin talking to each other and maybe just a little at a time, one person at a time, we can save planet earth and its people.”

I, for one, am going to keep on doing just that.

To support you in co-creating a positive life, I offer two guidebooks. Revolutionary Agreements shows you how to live a positive life today, a necessary condition for a positive future. The Co-Creator’s Handbook, by Carolyn Anderson and Katharine Roske, is, as its subtitle says, “An Experiential Guide for Discovering Your Life’s Purpose and Building a Co-creative Society.”

Humanity Ascending DVDs over and over again.  And read Norrie Huddle’s book, Butterfly, from which Barbara shares the miracle of the “imaginal” cells that turn caterpillar to butterfly.  The transformational power of nature gives us hope for the future of humanity.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for holding an unwavering image of us as the cells of one emerging body of humanity… and for staying connected.

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