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Stress Less in 2012

Is enjoying life more and stressing out less among your New Year resolutions for 2012?

“The Agreements are the best tools for stress reduction I have ever found,” said Dan, Director of Systems and Development. At the time Dan was introduced to the Agreements he said, “I was seriously wondering how long I would last under the present tumultuous conditions.” Seven months later he told us, “I am in love again with my career.” Find out why.

Which Revolutionary Agreement, if practiced daily, would have the greatest positive impact on your life? Is it “I agree to speak my truth with compassion?” “I agree to look for blessings in disguise?” Or perhaps, “I agree to listen with my heart.” (Review all the Agreements here.)

For me it will be: “I agree to see the best in myself and others.” Even after all these years of practicing the Agreements I still find myself being critical. (Darn!) What a burden it is to judge others – and I’m my worst self-critic. Maybe I should just jump to “I agree to Lighten Up!” (Shhh…don’t tell anyone, but practicing just one Agreement naturally leads us to living all of them!)

When each of us practices just one Agreement (a simple resolution!) the cumulative effect on our world can be dramatic. I hope you’ll join me in resolving to, as the book title says, “Transform Stress and Struggle Into Freedom and Joy” in 2012.

To Peace within us all,
That we may know
Peace on Earth

Happy New Year!

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