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Joanne Cohen, Managing Partner, CTAT, LLC, Senior Organizational Consultant

“I have designed and facilitated corporate team-building, leadership development and stress management workshops for nearly 30 years using the first version of the Revolutionary Agreements, developed in 1985.

When these Agreements are practiced diligently, people can be more proactive and less reactive to the daily challenges inside and outside the work environment.  Once we learn to communicate more effectively and manage our stressors, we are able to tap into a vast knowledge that is available to each of us; and we can express that knowing from a more powerful place.  Multiply that by a whole team operating together from such a place and the possibilities are limitless.

My mission is simple: to be of service, to create value for others and to be part of a positive cultural change, one person at a time.  I firmly believe that change begins with me, and to that means and end, I continue to practice the Agreements to which I was introduced nearly 30 years ago.”

To see Team Agreements facilitated by Joanne and others, see sample customized agreements. These and more customized agreements can be found in the 2nd Edition of Revolutionary Agreements.

To contact Joanne to learn more about her team-strengthening programs, click here.

Joanne has facilitated agreements with diverse teams from a variety of industries for years.  Below are some agreements she facilitated with the CTAT team at Rocky Mountain Human Services.

I agree to express appreciation and gratitude for others’ contributions and acknowledge personal and team accomplishments.

I agree to communicate with positive intention, listen with openness and honesty, address concerns truthfully and compassionately, resolve problems constructively, and negotiate when necessary.

I agree to energize the creative talents in everyone and leverage our diverse strengths to develop exceptional products and services.

I agree to plan, organize, implement, and evaluate our goals and objectives, celebrate our successes, and exceed expectations of our customers with professionalism and service.

I agree to respect, acknowledge, and see the best in myself and others, understanding that everyone is making the best possible choice or decision.

I agree to conduct daily business with honesty, integrity, and dignity, knowing that my actions will create trust among my colleagues and customers.

I agree to contribute to projects as a cohesive team member, supporting decisions and actions, and addressing concerns in a professional manner.

I agree to maintain perspective, achieve results, remain enthusiastic, and have fun in both work and life.

We agree to support each other in keeping these agreements,
regularly reviewing them for relevancy and importance.

For more information on CTAT, go to:  www.ctat-training.com

To see more Team Agreements facilitated by Joanne and others, see sample customized agreements.

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