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The Art of Love

Everywhere I go, people are talking about the relationships they have… or wish they had. Even at this year’s Conference on World Affairs, enthusiasts gathered for a session on “The Art of Love.” As I listened to the panelists, I found myself doodling on my notepad, trying to make sense of their contrasting thoughts. Suddenly, a definition of The Art of Love arose on that thought-filled page like a bright sun breaking through a cloud-filled sky:

The Art of Love is bringing out the best in your partner while being the best of who you truly are.

A few days after sharing this notion with a friend, she reported that it had a dramatic effect on both her and her son with whom she had “paid it forward.” What might happen in your own relationships – with your spouse, teammates, friends, children – if you were to put this definition into practice, just as you do the Revolutionary Agreements? Indeed, I notice with delight that to fully engage in the Art of Love, we naturally use every single one of the Agreements.

Care to join me in becoming a Love Artist?

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