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The Miracle of Parenthood

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day honor a most sacred mission. Nowhere is it more important to seed the positive revolution than with our children, the future of our world.

Twelve years after choosing to become a parent, my wish was granted in a most exquisite way. The timing was magical: Glenn and I were bringing the 1990 Soviet American Citizens’ Summit to a close in Moscow. Former enemies had spent a transformative week working, laughing, and crying together as they created joint projects in areas of common interest: health, education, security, the arts, agriculture, space exploration, spirituality-21 task forces in all. I worked the stage while high up in the ‘heavens’ of the sound and lighting booth Glenn was playing “Chariots of Fire” as the 1200 citizen-diplomats entered the theater for the final event.

With mystifying synchronicity, we were the perfect cogs in Spirit’s wheel, unified in our mission to reunite the passionate, caring people of these two lands. That night, bathed in the powerful after glow of such a wondrous event, the intensity of our love created a new life, our son Michael.

Fifteen years later, I am still humbled by the awesome task of caring for this gift of Love. I invite you to join Glenn and I as we open fully to receive thanks on these special days for our roles as guardians of our future.

As my Mother’s and Father’s Day gift to you, I offer my second labor of love: the birthing of Revolutionary Agreements. These Agreements have served me well as a parenting guide, enabling me to maintain a close relationship with Michael, especially as he flies headlong (and headstrong!) into the tumultuous teenage years.

Actions speak louder than words. By practicing these Revolutionary Agreements in our daily lives, we instill in the hearts of our youth the beauty and wisdom of living in Truth, Acceptance and Gratitude. These are the revolutionary tools of humanity’s future leaders.

T.A.G. – our children are it!

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