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The Undeniable Power of Intent

This year I’m calling for more magic and less of the “shoulds,” “have to’s,” and “need to’s” that used to assault me when driving toward success. I am choosing to play a new game: “Success-by-Magic.” (Reminds me of the old Paint-by-Numbers days!)

Since I claimed my desire for “Success-by-Magic” all sorts of resources have shown up to help me. Dianne Collins’ new book, Do You Quantum Think? and her husband Alan’s coaching is at the top of my list. Their bottom line: our intent creates our reality.

Intent. Prayer. Gratitude. By whatever name, whatever we focus on–consciously or not–is what we get.

This morning, the following passage showed up while I was reading Deepak Chopra’s book, The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire. It confirmed for my sometimes-skeptical mind just what I’m learning from Quantum Thinking. When you are finished reading this passage, I hope you’ll be smiling with me!

          One day, Cleve Baxter was isolating white cells in order to study them, and a very interesting thing happened. As part of the procedure he centrifuged his saliva to get a concentrated number of white cells, then placed them in a small test tube and inserted gold wire electrodes connected to EEG-type instrumentation.
           He had the sudden idea to inflict a small cut on the back of his hand to see if this might affect his white cells. He went to search for a sterile lancet on a nearby shelf. When he came back he glanced at the chart that was recording the electromagnetic activity of the white blood cells: It had already registered intense activity among the white blood cells during his search for the lancet.
           In other words, his white cells were reacting to his intention to cut his hand even before he actually inflicted the cut.

Sure makes me want to be conscious about my intentions! How about you?

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