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I never wanted to be called a “peacenik” so I’ve been a closet peace-lover for as long as I can remember. Speaking about “peace” was just too soft, too much of a cliché to be used in the practical, respectable world of corporate America.

I stepped out of the closet when I wrote Revolutionary Agreements, pushing past my fears of being criticized. I am now a full-fledged Revolutionary calling for a PEACEful revolution!. With the Agreements as my guide, I am taking bold action on behalf of the citizenry of our beloved United States of America.

During the weekend of September 11, my husband Glenn and I attended a conference in Washington DC to educate ourselves on Congressional legislation for a Cabinet-level U.S. Dept. of Peace. With us were passionate people from diverse ethnic, cultural and work backgrounds including: farmers, therapists, educators, politicians, artists, business owners, authors, nuns; couples, singles, parents, teenagers; Native Americans, African-Americans, Asian-Americans, Hispanics, Caucasians; Christians, Muslims, Jews, Catholics, Buddhists, Agnostics; celebrities and lone rangers; representatives of 40 states and countless Congressional Districts. United, we merged our hopes and dreams into a laser focus to raise the national priority for Peace on Earth.

Imagine for a moment our country taking a stand – no, a LEAD – in nonviolent solutions to international and domestic conflict. We have the resources, the know-how and the passion. Statistics prove the efficacy of preventative and restorative programs that dramatically reduce violence in homes, schools and on the streets of U.S. communities. Not only are these programs good for the soul, they are good for the wallet. Not only can they ameliorate the horrors that family members of perpetrators and victims suffer in our current punitive justice system, but it COSTS LESS to do so! Why aren’t these programs more widespread? I believe it’s because it has not been a national priority; and it won’t be until we the people unite to build a fire under our elected representatives and compel them to take a hard look at the image we present to our citizenry and the world through our choices. On Monday alone 145 meetings took place on Capitol Hill to lobby for the Dept. of Peace. We have just begun.

What kind of statement would it make to the world if the U.S. made it a priority to research, facilitate and articulate non-violent solutions to conflict? If our President had advice on the most advanced information on our “enemy’s” psyche, culture, and causes of hatred for us? If he or she had a Cabinet-level advisor that could offer nonviolent solutions to international conflict that equaled the high level of advice given for potential military solutions? We know how much war costs; how much would peace cost? Shouldn’t they BOTH be measured?

I have felt too naïve, too disempowered, too concerned about my image, or too hopeless at times to engage politically in being an effective force for peace. Until September 12. At the climax of our three days together, we had the rare privilege of hearing from a man whom a major poll once named the “most trusted figure” in American public life. His nightly newscasts used to be scrutinized by politicians, intellectuals and fellow journalists for clues to the thinking of mainstream America. Here’s what I heard Walter Cronkite say: “If we can spend hundreds of billions of dollars learning how to kill people, we should be able to spend an equal amount learning how to keep them alive!”

Give us your tired, your poor… I am tired of feeling trapped by my inaction in a government built of, by and for the people. My poor Spirit yearns to be liberated from self-imposed prisons of fear to reveal its true essence: unbounded, unconditional LOVE.

I am grateful for the capability to steward the Revolutionary Agreements and to join with my fellow citizens in being Love in Action, taking a stand for Peace as a Powerful, Practical Priority for our nation. I had my first-ever meeting on proposed legislation with Congressional staff this week and it won’t be my last. Join me if you feel called: marian@RevolutionaryAgreements.com.

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