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You Too Can YouTube at Sixty-Two!


While having lunch with friends at Bistro4 in Louisville, CO, we had fun sharing about the many new things we are learning. My contribution was a YouTube video about our social entrepreneur venture that financially rewards our friends for nourishing the world’s most vulnerable children. Amazing.

To produce that video, I learned how to use Keynote, purchase royalty-free photos, record a voice-over, create an iMovie project, add music to the movie, export to QuickTime, import to YouTube, and say what I wanted to say in about two minutes! I think I’m ready to tweet now…

Here’s what I know: If I can do all this at 62, you too can YouTube about your heart’s desire and share your wisdom with others.

Enjoy my first YouTube video about iFeed5.

What are you learning and sharing?

With love and gratitude,

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